6 December 2018

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve spent a few days in Iceland at the end of november, for a short but extraordinary trip.

The «theme» of this journey was completely mysterious. We didn’t know anything about our schedule except that we were going to have some wonderful experiences around a completely new skincare innovation by Clinique.

This novelty is CLINIQUE iD, a revolutionnary ideal mosturizer, which associates a moisturizer with concentrated actives in order to match your needs, among the 15 possible combinations (3 moisturizers and 5 types of concentrated actives). The packaging is gorgeous with the colorful cartridges. When added to the base , it delivers the precise amount of actives and base. 

Fatigue, Lines & WrinklesUneven Skintone, Pores & uneven texture, Irritation, there is everything you need ! 

I will of course tell you more about these 5 actives and 3 bases, but today I’d like to focus on the BLUE active, the one we discovered during this trip to Island.

(In order to launch this product, Clinique organized 5 trips around the world – one for each cartridge – with different « influencers » ! Marocco, Spain, Japan, Bali and Iceland! I would have loved to do the five of them ahah but I must say Iceland was the one I was the most attracted to ! Romain and I have been talking about Iceland for years, and now I just long to go back longer!).

The theme of this experience was UNEVEN TEXTURES, like the blue active recommanded to treat « pores & uneven skin textures».

The trip was organized around experiences during which we dived (sometimes litteraly) into a blue as intense as the active is concentrated. As you will see on my pictures, I had fun playing with the color blue and with the idea of irregular textures, in order to match the cartridge we were discovering.

The Active Cartridge Concentrate for Pores & Uneven Texture delivers concentrated actives, including AHAs, to reduce the look of pores and retexturize skin. It makes your skin look smoother, reduces pores and sebum and gives you a healthy glow, while removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell renewal. The perfect weapon against dull skin and dilated pores! I must admit that’s exactly what I need these days (can’t wait to try the anti-fatigue and energizing orange and the anti-wrinkles purple!).

We had time to discover Reykjavik (Iceland’s capital) during our free time, that we mostly spent admiring sunsets and colorful houses (= paradise ! You know me…). Then we had two unbelievable trips : 

Snorkeling in Silfra FISSURE

Those of you who love geology and/or Iceland probably know this already, but Iceland lays on two tectonic plates : the eurasian one and the american one. Every year, they move from 2 cm. This is how the Silfra fissure was made. It’s one of the most famous diving sites in the world ! And it’s the only place on earth where you can actually swim between two continental plates.

So we took a little trip to go there and dived into this incredible crystal-clear blue 36°F water (Yes, 36 degrees, you’ve read that well!). We could see from 100 m away (crazy!).

A dive in the depths of Earth, with unbelievable contrasts.

Cold wasn’t that hard (we were wearing watertight material, and we could only feel water in our gloves and on our face (the few centimeters that weren’t covered by the mask and the diving suit).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my waterproof camera with me in Iceland (and we had to leave our backpacks in the bus so I don’t even have pictures of the gorgeous landscapes around Silfra – only a few pictures from after, when the sun was already going down). That’s why I’m using Mika’s pictures (Mika was our lovely « instructor ») to share this experience with you. I will remember this moment my whole life, and I strongly recommend you to try it if you ever get the chance !



On the second day, we did some snowmobile around Langjökull glacier to reach the entry of an artificial cave, digged into the ice : the ice tunnel make a loop and leads to several « rooms », including a chapel  in which cold lovers can get married!

It was really nice taking this snowmobile trip, and I wouldn’t let go of my sweet Emily, who was a great driver ! The visit of the cave was really interesting. I wasn’t really comfortable at first because I’m a bit claustrophobic, and I hate tunnels ! But I relaxed with the little cocktail that was waiting for us in the middle of the cave. There wasn’t much light but I really like my pictures anyway!


And the most amazing view was expecting us at the end of the tunnel : an incredible sunset of the glacier. MAGICAL!

I now leave you with the pictures of this trip that I absolutely LOVED, and I’ll meet you soon to tell you more about CLINIQUE iD, which I will have tried for good until then.

I hope you’ll enjoy these blue pictures, these colorul houses, theses magical landscapes and these irregular textures as much as I enjoyed shooting them for this article !


♦ DISCLAIMER : Article réalisé dans le cadre d’une collaboration rémunérée avec CLINIQUE France.

Un GRAND MERCI à Tatiana pour cette expérience merveilleuse

Crédit Photo Pauline PRIVEZ (sauf les photos de nous sous l’eau : Mika @ DIVE.IS et les photos de moi, prises selon les occasions par des compagnons de voyage, Tatiana, Emilie et Vincent) – photos non libres de droit – ne pas utiliser sans mon autorisation.

9 comments on “Let’s FIND MY CLINIQUEiD… in ICELAND”

  1. Superbes photos et ça me rappelle notre voyage en Islande même si nous n’avons pas vécu votre expérience assez extraordinaire. Les produits ont l’air vraiment intéressant, le violet et l’orange me tente bien 😉
    Très jolies les photos dans la neige avec ta jolie toque blanche.

  2. J’aimerai beaucoup visiter l’Islande, les paysages doivent être magnifique, c’est un pays très particulier et tes photos me font très envie ! T’es tu baigné dans les sources chaudes ? ça doit être génial !
    Gros bisous

  3. Bonjour Pauline, sur ce coup-là, qu’une marque de cosmétique, qui plus est réputée pour être anallergique et convenir aux peaux les plus sensibles (comme la mienne justement), puisse dépenser autant d’empreinte carbone pour vanter un de ses produits me laisse perplexe.
    Véhicules démesurés, moto-neige…. tout ça dans une nature sauvage….. j’espère au moins qu’ils étaient hybrides ?
    Cette remarque n’est pas du tout contre toi mais parfois les marques devraient un peu plus réfléchir à leurs actions de promo qui viennent percuter les valeurs qu’elles véhiculent (sans mauvais jeu de mot).
    Bref, pour ma part, pas convaincue par la marque (mais cela n’enlève rien à la qualité de ton travail).

  4. Ohlala ça a l’air tellement beau l’Islande. Très jolies photos, surtout celle où le soleil traverse les nuages pour éclairer les montagnes.
    La plongée dans la faille ça me fait à la fois envie et ça m’angoisse (eau + espace fermé), c’est perturbant !
    Une question: c’est quoi sur la photo juste avant celle des gros 4×4 cliniques?

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