I ♥ Erotokritos

7 May 2009

I just
couldn’t wait to show you this amazing dress that I bought yesterday ! I love it I love it I love it ! Be patient, more pictures soon !

Je ne pouvais pas attendre de vous montrer cette étonnante robe achetée hier ! je l’adore je l’adore je l’adore !
Soyez patients, plus de photos bientôt !

Dress EROTOKRITOS for Monoprix


Summer BuBBle !

5 May 2009

Sugar, Ice Cream, Fruit Bubble Gum, Marshmallow….
In fact, inspired by THE **wonderful*** bag my very very dear friend Alice* made especially for me, I wanted to wear an outfit that smells like a vintage candyshop… And that’s what came out of my
twisted mind…. hope you like it !

Envie de sucré, de crèmes glacées, de bubble gums fruités, de chamallows…
En fait, inspirée par LE **merveilleux** sac que ma très très chère amie Alice a fait exprès pour moi, j’avais envie d’une tenue qui aurait un air de boutique de bonbons à l’ancienne… et voilà ce
qui est

Midnight Landscape

4 May 2009

Just a few pics from my week-end in the deep french countryside !!! Hope you like this dress (the same as Keira Knithley..) I love
it… I just wish my shoes were as successfull…. Everybody found bad jokes about them…like  “What’s the point of having cold toes and warm legs ?” ahahaha, or “don’t you have enough
shoes to wear decent shoes ?” ahahahah……………. and your sense of fashion guys, where the h*** is it ??

Quelques ptites photos de la campagne profonde ! En espérant que vous aimerez la robe (la même que keira knigthley) Je l’adore…. J’aimerais juste READ MORE

poopoopidoo !

30 April 2009

The French Fashion magazines said last week that Marilyn Monroe was still a fashion icon, statement proved by showing us this wonderful Dolce&Gabbana Dress from the Milan Fashion
Week. As lovely as this dress is, I can’t afford it and I can’t even picture myself wearing such a princess dress… So I tried to adapt this trend to my wallet and lifestyle with an H&M tee
bought a few months ago : hope you like this outfit !
(and sorry if they are not really nice, but I was alone to take these
pictures….believe me or not, it’s not easy)


29 April 2009

My blog is now billingual ! I’ve decided to translate what I
write in english as well. Hopefully it will permit me to touch a wider range of fashionistas around the world !! Moreover, I thought it was a necessary tribute to the british people because
most of my favourite (master)pieces come from the UK. I love their language quite as much as their sense of style and their originality. Anyway, WELCOME TO NON FRENCH SPEAKERS !

(and I apologize for my english which is
not as good as I would like…)

Mon blog est désormais bilingue ! j’ai décidé de READ MORE

The day I left Chloé for Miss Dior Chérie….

After many years living as a White Musk from Body Shop addict, after a few months smelling the Prada Infusion d’iris, I was having a nice relationship with Chloé, met
around a christmas tree in 2008.
But yesterday, as I was bargain hunting during my lunch break, I felt in love with Miss Dior Chérie !
Sorry Chloé… I know you knew it would happen, eventually… Hope we can still be friends… I’m sure I’ll come back to you sometimes… I still like you but I prefer my brand new perfume, with
its popcorn touch and its wonderful “LIMITED EDITION PRESTIGE