Où trouver les fameuses robes Yumi que les célébrités s'arrachent ?

30 May 2009

LES STARS SE LES ARRACHENT : Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Keira
Knithley ont été les premières à porter ces robes Yumi (aussi connues en Angleterre sous la marque Mina).
Des mini robes/tuniques fraîches, colorées, travaillées et surtout à un prix abordable et portées par des célébrités : on en rêve toutes, non ?

Alors je vais tenter de répondre à la question qui est sur toutes les lèvres :

Où trouver des robes Yumi ?

sur internet :
www.ebay.fr (attention aux mauvaises copies !)

et sinon : (je compléterai au fur et à mesure de mes petites … READ MORE

Confessions of a shopaholic

29 May 2009

No outfit pics today…
But I can show you what I bought yesterday, just before going to the movies to watch “Confessions of a Shopaholic”… how ironic ! (by the way, even if this is not a
masterpiece, I advise all the shopaholics to watch it…. It’s great to laugh about your own vice sometimes…..!!)
Anyway, GREAT OUTFITS PICS COMING SOON !!! (my head is full of wonderful ideas !!! can’t wait to show you !)

A red hat 
A  great liberty pair of wedges
A yellow and purple embroidered keffieh
A sequined top (I GOT IT !!!)
A wonderful dress

Denim dresses are back !

28 May 2009

Can you imagine how surprised I was when, just before uploading these pictures this morning, I checked my e-mails and found the Asos Newsletter : they were talking
about denim dresses : just the day I wanted to show you my new cheap and marvellous denim dress !!!
Anyway, I hope you like it !
Hope you’re gonna vote for me in the Cosmo fashion blogs contest today !!

Pouvez vous imaginer ma surprise quand, juste avant de mettre ces photos ce matin, en checkant mes mails, je suis tombée sur … READ MORE

Great minds think alike….

Just a quick post because what just happens is stunning !
I just receive the Topshop Newsletter of today and take a look….
it’s also about denim dresses !!!! Like my today’s outfit !!!
I really think Topshop and Asos are inspired by my little blog…….

Juste un petit post rapidos parce qu’il vient de se passer un truc étonnant !
je viens juste de recevoir la Newsletter Topshop d’aujourd’hui et regardez moi ça….
elle est aussi sur les robe en jeans !!!! comme ma tenue du jour !
je commence à croire que Topshop et Asos s’inspirent de mon ptit blog……..… READ MORE

so 2009 !!

27 May 2009

This outfit is so 2009 !! Let’s “analyse” :
– Haarem Pants, not new at all but before, it was only for new hippies
– Derbies, not new at all either, but a few months ago, wearing brogue shoes was a dangerous risk if you did not want everybody to think that you were an old-fashioned mathematics teacher
– Leather Jacket with stylish shoulder pads like in the eighties…
Now TIME TRAVEL : you are in 2009, you’re wearing the three together and you could not be more trendy !!!

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I ♥ UK !

26 May 2009

I already told you
how much I miss living in the UK… So, this is my tribute to the Union Jack !!!!
If you would like to feel like an english young woman, asos.co.uk and topshop.co.uk are there to help !!!
You can buy yourself great clothes and accessories : like this tee from the Barbara Hulanicki Collection for Topshop or this Asos Union Jack bag that reminds of the one that
Agyness wears quite every day… Ok, I know, it’s not the Chanel one, but it has the quilted flag, the chain and leather strap and I love it !
Do not forget to